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Dryer Balls

Our CARE Collection helps you minimize the harmful use of resources when cleaning and taking care of your Care By Me garments and home goods. With the right care, your products will last longer! We hope you will love them forever.

Use DRYER BALLS to reduce your drying time and save energy. They are non-toxic, energy-saving, odorless, hypoallergenic, gentle on delicate clothing, reduce static, soften fabrics, and shorten drying time. They are made in Nepal from wool tailings, so also reduce manufacturing waste. Brought to you with love for people and planet.

Our Wool Balls are handmade in Nepal - the women that are engaged in the manufacturing process of our CARE BY ME products also produce the Wool Dryer Balls.

Dryer balls are crafted from triple felted pure wool, from the remnants left from the manufacturing process. They improve tumble drying as they work to soften your clothes, reduce drying time, static and wrinkling.

    Tip: Place a drop of your favorite essential oil onto the dryer ball before drying.  Your garments and home goods will all be infused with your favorite scent. Consider also the benefits of such things as Lavender essential oil for deterring insects!

    100% Wool

    1 pack includes:

    • 4 Dryer Balls
    • Big Cotton bag