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PURE Makeup Pads with Pouch

We are so excited about our new PURE collection of care products, made out of waste fabric from our GOTS certified Organic Cotton gauze clothing and bedding production.

Pure Pads with Pouch includes:

  • 16 reusable makeup removal pads, 8 small and 8 large
  • One matching pouch

The pouch keeps your pads tidy, is easily washed and looks nice in your bathroom, plus it’s great for travel. 

The reusable pads come in 5 colors; dark grey, light grey, powder, white & grey:white stripe, and fit beautifully with the other products in our PURE collection.

Did you know, that about 20 million pounds of makeup wipes are used worldwide in a single day?  That's not only incredibly bad for our environment, but it's also a lot of money going out with the trash.

Therefore, the KEY product within our PURE collection are these reusable makeup removal pads. Skin care regimens have a huge environmental impact. Not only do we need to be conscious of what we use on our skin, but we need to consider how they're applied and the packaging they come in as well. Single use makeup removal wipes and pads have been proven to notably pollute the environment. Whether they are flushable or end up in the garbage, the daily disposal of all these wipes, pads and their packaging certainly adds up. 

The reason why we love our PURE reusable pads:

  • Gently and easily eye makeup
  • Works with your regular skin cleansers and toners
  • No need for disposable Cotton balls or disposable wipes
  • Allows the skin's natural oils to replenish without the chemical cleansers
  • Over time more cost effective
  • Affordable eco-friendly solution 

Material: 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton - 100% CBM Organic waste

We recommend machine washing at 85-105oF (30-40oC), with environmentally friendly soap, for example ~ our soap nuts

We wanted to use the waste fabric from our VIVIENNE and VERONICA collections, as the gauze fabric is both very gentle to your skin and has the perfect structure for use with liquids.  So, we decided to add a product that helps the environment in two ways -  reducing production AND end-user waste.  It just makes sense and we really hope you will love these products as much as we do. 

The whole CARE BY ME PURE collection includes: 

  • Small Cotton bag (pouch) with 16 reusable makeup removal pads, 8 small and 8 large
  • Scrunchy to put your long hair up 
  • Hairband to keep your hair away from the face 
  • Package with 3 large washcloths for washing bigger skin areas

We may not be able to change the world overnight, but there are small steps we can all take at home to do our bit to offset our environmental footprint.