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Beach Bag

The BEACH bag is the perfect bag for your casual daily use, as well as warm, sunny days at the beach, weekend getaways, and so much more.  That "perfectness" is elevated by its sustainability quotient - 100% Hemp!

This roomy shoulder bag is crocheted of pure hemp and has a feminine touch with braided shoulder straps. The BEACH bag is handmade in our workshops in Kathmandu, where women have mastered the centuries-old craft of crocheting.

We love the fact that hemp is one of the most environmentally-friendly fibers on the market:

  • Over time, hemp improves soil, whereas flax & other crops deplete it.
  • Since hemp is naturally pest-resistant, it doesn’t require the use of any pesticides. 
  • Gives higher yield per acre than flax and takes less water to grow than cotton.
  • Hemp is ranked one of the strongest fibers, so it's highly durable.
  • It's naturally resistant to mold, mildew and even ultraviolet light.
  • Easily recyclable.


Add our SUN hat, also made of hemp, and you're all set for a sunny summer as well as vacations all year round.  We hope that the BEACH bag will bring you beautiful memories of summer and happy times with your loved ones.

100% hemp

Size:  48cmH x41cmW (strap height 33 cm/66cm long);
           19inHx16inW (strap height 13"/26" long)

Please note: Since the product is made of natural fibers and entirely handmade - no two are alike.  There can be slight variation in colors and sizes.

Available for delivery in early May.  Preorder now!