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Balance Mat

The Balance mat is a beautiful, timeless and handmade mat - plus so much more. 

At CARE BY ME it is our desire to help communities in Nepal and India to a better life, so when we were asked if we would support this social project in the small village close to our partner in India, we obviously had to say yes. 

As soon as we saw the products, we decided to expand our support by not just donating our organic cotton for their local weaving project, but collaborating to do our own designs and include this amazing product in our full year collection. This way, rather than just a one-time donation, we are actually creating long-term support that we hope will last for years. 

We love the idea of combining these two natural materials - local banana leaves harvested by hand and our GOTS certified organic cotton waste material from our cotton clothing and home goods production.  Woven by hand into these wonderful Balance rugs and mats. 

Each one is woven on a handloom by a local weaver. We are amazed to see what hands can create and we truly cherish their craftsmanship and valued commitment.

The soft, yet tough, mat measures 50x70cm or 20x28in, making it perfect for the floor of your hallway, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or your cozy cottage. 

Banana Leaves and GOTS certified organic cotton from our own production waste

Please note:

Since the product is entirely handmade; no two are alike, hence there can be slight variation in colors and sizes.