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New Products

Our Spring Summer 2020 news includes a number of new, lighter cashmere sweaters, also cashmere in combination with silk, and silk in combination with cotton. 
All to meet warm days in the most suitable materials.

We have 25 new products, including a new collection of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton poplin products. 
We have also expanded the color options in 11 of our existing products.
So much going on at Care By Me!!  Enjoy!

Click HERE to see full collection of NEW PRODUCTS.

Amara Sweater
Quick View
Amara Sweater $330.00
Chuck Sweater
Quick View
Chuck Sweater $385.00
August Shirt
Quick View
August Shirt $175.00
Amy Cardigan
Quick View
Amy Cardigan $330.00
Caroline Sweater
Quick View
Caroline Sweater $195.00
Coco Sweater
Quick View
Coco Sweater $150.00
Eve Skirt
Quick View
Eve Skirt $240.00
Hang Bag
Quick View
Hang Bag $60.00
Ida Scarf
Quick View
Ida Scarf $285.00
Joy Sweater
Quick View
Joy Sweater $320.00
Lina Duvet Cover
Quick View
Lina Duvet Cover $125.00
Lina Long Shirt
Quick View
Lina Long Shirt $115.00
Lina Pants
Quick View
Lina Pants $95.00
Lina Pillow Cover
Quick View
Lina Pillow Cover from $45.00
Lina Shorts
Quick View
Lina Shorts $65.00
Lina Top
Quick View
Lina Top $65.00
Lina Very Long Shirt
Quick View
Lina Very Long Shirt $155.00
Maria Scarf
Quick View
Maria Scarf from $195.00
Roberta Sweater
Quick View
Roberta Sweater $385.00
Soft Feet Socks
Quick View
Soft Feet Socks $65.00
Spun Scarf
Quick View
Spun Scarf $385.00
Sunil Sweater
Quick View
Sunil Sweater $485.00
Vanessa Poncho
Quick View
Vanessa Poncho $385.00
Vivienne Long Shirt
Quick View
Vivienne Long Shirt $115.00
Vivienne Top
Quick View
Vivienne Top $65.00